Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Google 'Radio Ads' a Likely Cloak for Their GPhone Audio Ads!

If this article is on the money, then the speculations have proven to be true. Google will be debuting a GPhone next year.

So many are wondering why they would do this, seemingly mystified. There are discussions and arguments about how Google getting into the wireless world this would be good for the market. Yet few are looking down the road. I have covered the topic at length in previous posts, so I won't go down that trail again here except to say that people should be aware of the power of free; and then do the math. Open spectrum + free wireless service = total monopoly. Bank on it. (The corollaries to that of course, are:
A. Monopoly + GPhone = Your phone is a GPhone
B. GPhone = Global Positioning System (GPS)
C. GPS + Google Earth = International Human Tracking System
D. International Tracking System + Your GPhone = Loss of personal privacy; your whereabouts will then be public information
E. International Human Tracking System = Big Brother; you are not free, you are monitored)

But this post is not about the GPhone. It is about all those radio ads that Google introduced last year. You know, how Google suddenly announced that it would be auctioning off ads on the radio? Did that sound funny to you too? I knew something wasn't right about that. Well it finally hit me what that was all about. (I'm serious, this stuff just comes to me!)

Radio ads? Horse hockey! It has to be Google's warm-up for...PHONE ADS! Yes, GPhone ads! I mean, think about it, you are driving. You are looking for a restaurant or motel. You cannot (or should not, anyway) pull your eyes off the road to read some GPhone ads. You need them spoken to you; they need to be audio, not visual!

And if you missed my explanation of what Google's mobile model is going to look like and what it includes, read a few posts back. One of the features is a hands-free Goog-411 service that is entirely voice-activated and provides a free service that will actually connect you to the business.
So the search for a restaurant will be hands-free, (and your audio-'serps' will be based on your location as indicated by your gps Gphone) the results will be hands-free, and so will the connection to the business, 'But before we connect you, please listen to these ads......' It makes perfect sense. There never was going to be radio ads, I'll bet! It was just a red herring, a cover story for Google to build a platform for audio ads so that they could launch them simultaneously with the Gphone. Does that not make sense??

But I'll bet it gets even better. Not only will you communicate hands-free on the phone, but instead of actually talking to the place of business, you can just reply to their voice menu via your voice and book a reservation, book a room, confirm movie tickets while on the way (with your Google checkout pass, of course) all without ever having to dial a number. All the business will have to do is to run their voice mail or voice mail ad through Google, and Google will insert the audio click options, (and I'm thinking 'clicks' will be called 'picks') and they are up and running. Remember Google purchased Grand Central Station recently, a company that provides service for management of voice communication.

It all sure fits together better than Google selling radio ads! What do you think?

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Paul said...

This page is linked to by So google not only knows everything about you, they even know your blog! Scary. Really scary.