Friday, August 17, 2007

Google Phone Number Launched Today Through GrandCentral

Google hatched its Google phone number through GrandCentral today in a beta version. What it is is a single phone number that you can have forwarded to your cell phone, your work phone or your home phone. It is basically one number for everything. So when someone calls your G-Number, it will ring on any or all of the phones. Or it can be configured to go automatically to your voice mail.

It also can be configured to block certain callers, screen callers, has a full-fledged detailed call record and all of the other regular phone-using abilities that are common to phone services today.

Another interesting feature is the Web Call Button that you can insert into your web page so that people can call you without giving out your phone number. Once someone calls you, you can switch phones in the middle of a call with Call Switch. Of course if you want to call someone yourself, say from your address book, you can use Click2Call which calls them without having to dial the number. And also, if you are a member of the gizmoproject, you can call or answer your phone from any computer that is connected to the internet.

So here it is. Your universal, lifetime phone number. Goes with you anywhere and everywhere. Probably so nice that you will gladly embrace that upcoming Google Phone with its gps tracking ability for the first fully-functioning international human tracking system. Don't get me started....

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