Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Am Naked Before Goolge and Matt Cutts!

Alright, I didn't really think it all the way through. Over at the old Threadwatch, I took on a pseudonym because I am hacked at Google for their betrayal of their faithful followers by initiating a hungry, globalist agenda. And I regularly and passionately grind the ax of my displeasure at their forays. So I intentionally chose a name that would be a deliberate poke in Google's eye. And what better target was there than Google's very public spokesman, Matt Cutts? So to express my disagreements with Google's unhealthy ambitions to rule the world, I took on the username CattMutts. (Because I have both dogs and cats, you see.) And I posted vociferously.

So it's all fine and good. I figure that though I can make a stand against the giant, it is quite unlikely that anything I say or do will actually make a difference. I am just a tiny, tiny amoeba on a little fishlet in Google Ocean. Not that my points aren't valid. Indeed they are. I mean, I'm not some twenty-something year-old altruist trying to get some attention in the e-world by jumping on the wagon of some trendy cause. Heck, no, I've already had a career. When I speak up about Google's dangerous global intentions, it's because I have a solid understanding of national and international waves of culture over the last several centuries and I see what's ahead if Google gets its way. And I don't like it. Not in the way that it is personally distasteful, but in that it is not going to be good for us as Americans (note: the Britts, Aussies, etc. are Americans too. So is fantomaster.) That is, it is dangerous to our privacy and our freedoms. But this is not a post to grind that ax.

So anyway, I post away at Threadwatch. But then, sadly, Threadwatch dies. A short time later, I somehow ran into Sphinn. What in the world is this? When did this start? Who's Danny Sullivan? I then saw that it had only been up for a week or two, so I thought maybe I can exercise my cathartic expressions here. But who knew that Sphinn would turn out to be a blockbuster? I didn't, so when I signed up, it was once again, as CattMutts.

But to say anything on Sphinn, you really need to blog. I'm not really a blogger. I've got a lot to say, and I say it, but not usually in a blog of my own. So I start writing in a blog the same things I'm thinking and saying elsewhere, and I start posting on Sphinn. And of course, all the posts and all my comments are listed by my pseudonym, CattMutts. As my submissions pile up, (though generally not sphinned very much) and the site popularity rapidly increases, I start to realize that this Sphinn thing could turn out to have a more visible profile than I feel comfortable with using a blatantly hostile, anti-Google pseudonym. And as for my posts, they are not about seo proper, they are about Google's intentions and the future implications. They are ALL about that. I have a spoken consistently on a regular theme. It's what I know and what I want to say. But Sphinn's footprint is skyrocketing in its scope by the day, and I write anonymously for a reason.

And then it happens. I get my Sphinn profile visited by Mr. Cutts himself. I am exposed.

How smart was this to parody this guy's name and speak out against Google? I feel like I broke into an office and just found out it was J. Edgar Hoover's (younger set, he was the leader of the FBI for forever.) Just think of the ways Matt Cutts can hammer me now. I mean, he works for GOOGLE. He can very easily find out who I am, where I am, he can read all of my emails in all of my gmail accounts, read my docs, my spreadsheets, see my pictures, find my websites, etc. etc. I mean any seo could track down my identity and my address. I'm not really hiding or anything. But Google, on the other hand, possesses WAYY more information than anybody should that is not part of your family. From my browsing history, Google can track down my banks, my personal interests, etc. and ascertain something of a profile on me, which, I suspect, is their goal anyway (on everyone, that is, not just me.) They could determine that most of the websites I visit on a daily basis deal with the war, the military, intelligence, jihad, and would correctly classify me as a vocal right-wing flag-waver. I am naked before Google and Matt Cutts! And I am not one to want to be naked on the internet. (Which proves I'm not in the twenty or thirty-something crowd!) I have unintentionally drawn attention to myself because of the name I chose. It was always my intention to draw attention to the message, not to me personally.

So it is time to go back underground. Matt Cutts has appeared. CattMutts must vanish. Like a phantom (or is that fantom?). Matt, it was nothing personal to you. It's about the company you work for. It's agenda is a global one, no longer an American one. Your company's activities, if successful, will betray and weaken the people of the country that protects you.


michael said...

Interesting- Could it be another super power. Only time will tell- When anything in life grows to be so strong and powerful, it always controls its' elements and the environment in which it resides- Google is global

michael said...
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